To provide each athlete products for men and the opportunity to reach his or her full potential by both developing endurance, character, and self-discipline. Milwaukee Mustangs Track Club seeks to develop well-rounded individuals who learn not only the fundamentals of athletic training but also the importance of education in an atmosphere conducive to developing sound character.


Aaron Huber – Houston Community College
Alexis Farrington – University of Wisconsin – Madison
Amber Williams – University of Wisconsin – Platteville
Ambria Avery – Minnesota State University
Angelina Howard – Northern Michigan University
Anna Bednarczyk – Marquette University
Antonio Davis –  University of Wisconsin –  Oshkosh
Brandon Mortensen – University of Wisconsin – Madison
Brandon Threats – DePaul University
Brevon Wyatt – Central Iowa Community College
Casey Goodrich – Marquette University
Chatara Jones – Old Dominion University
Chiara Sanders – University of Wisconsin – Madison
Christina Cross – Emory University
Ciara Jarrett – Youngstown State
Corbin Ellis – University of Wisconsin – Madison
Danielle Barbian – Harvard University/University of Oregon
Darius King-Dright – Career focused after high school
De’Metra Camble – Indiana State
Evan Long – University of Northern Iowa
IJ Bullock – Career focused after high school
Ira Howard -Central Iowa Community College
Jasmin Jones – Waukesha Technical College
Jasmyn Hudgins – Indiana State University
Jayne Bertieri – Cardnial Stritch University
Jessica Franklin – University of Virginia
Jnana La Conjo –  Marquette University
Justin Rabon – University of Wisconsin –  Madison/University of Minnesota
Karl Tatum – Marquette University
Karli Tatum – Concordia University
Kevin McCoy – University of Wisconsin –  Madison
Kyla Blackwell – Minnesota State University
Lauren Thomas – Military
Lawrence Rabon – University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
Linelle Clark – Minnesota State University
Madelyn Schwartz – Carthage College
Matt Gerber – University of Wisconsin – Madison
Micaela Creighton – Auburn University
Montravius Berry – Youngstown University
Nate Nelson – Grambling State University
Niecce Ward – Chamberlain College
Olajuwon Cawthon – Central Iowa Community College
Olivia Alvarez – University Of Wisconsin – Whitewater
Quinten Lutrell – Barton Community College
Rashad Morris – Marquette University
Sabrina Manns – University of Wisconsin – Madison
Sam Konings – University of Texas – Arlington
Sharhonda York – Minnesota State University
Symona Gregory – Youngstown State
Suni Chiondsu – Rochester Institute of Technology
Tahje Whitley – South Carolina State
Tahtyana Peer – Northern Illinois University
Tasha Allen – New Mexico Junior College
Tone’y Locke – Winnona State
Uniquea Campbell – Career focused after high school

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