To provide each athlete products for men and the opportunity to reach his or her full potential by both developing endurance, character, and self-discipline. Milwaukee Mustangs Track Club seeks to develop well-rounded individuals who learn not only the fundamentals of athletic training but also the importance of education in an atmosphere conducive to developing sound character.


  1. If your child is a member of a relay team, you must commit to going all the way (to the AAU Jr. Olympics or as far as the team goes).  The commitment also includes attending all scheduled practices to allow the relay team time to practice.

  2. Parents will help athletes attend at least 80% of practices.
    –If athletes miss practice due to other sports with conflicting or over-lapping schedules, the missed practices must be discussed with and approved by the coaches.

  3. Parents will help athletes follow recommended eating and drinking guides:
    –No energy drinks, honey or caffeine drinks during track meets.  Gatorade after running event, water before event.
    –Encourage eating healthy foods and limit junk food.

  4. During track meets encourage athletes to rest before and between events.

  5. Parents will attend track meets with children in 5th grade and under.  This includes athletes attending the AAU Jr. Olympics and other out of state events.

  6. Parents will try to have athletes at track meets and practices on time to participate in group warm-ups.

  7. Do not distract athletes during warm ups or preparing for an event (no yelling, etc.).

  8. Allow coaches to handle all field injuries.  Coaches will let you know when additional assistance is needed.

  9. Provide coaches with all medical information and necessary medication or devices such as inhalers and epi pens.

  10. Provide coaches with an updated copy of the insurance card and contact information for each meet where you will not be attending with your child, especially for over night meets.

  11. Provide your child with appropriate food for track meets.  We discourage purchasing hotdogs and hamburgers until after all track events are completed.  Provide athletes with water, sandwiches, fruit and other appropriate food.  The team will use the registration fee to provide some snacks and fruit for the meet.


  1. Athletes will follow the Mustang’s code of conduct.  Your conduct represents the Mustangs Track Club.
    –Use of foul or inappropriate language is not allowed.
    –Play hitting or fighting is not allowed.
    –Show respect for all coaches and parents
    –Listen attentively when coaches are speaking, follow all instructions
    –No head phones or cell phone use during practice or at meets during warm ups.  Use of head phones is allowed when relaxing during track meets at camp area.
    –Display good sportsmanship at all practices and track meets.  Trash talking, talking down to or not supporting team members or other athletes will not be tolerated.  Good sportsmanship will be shown at all times, win or lose.

  2. Athletes must organize their time effectively to ensure that they maintain acceptable, passing grades in school. Acceptance to a college based on athletic ability is not enough.  Be a student first and commit to getting the best education you can.  Be honest with yourself about the likelihood of getting an athletic scholarship or playing on a professional level and remember that many universities will not recruit student-athletes that do not have a serious commitment to their education, the ability to succeed academically or the character to represent their institution honorably.

  3. At track meets, athletes must stay at the team “camp” to ensure they are resting and eating properly.  Staying in camp will also ensure athletes are ready to warm-up and prepare for their next event.

  4. Dress code:  Practice clothing should include appropriate shorts, t-shirts.  While traveling, athletes may not wear sleepwear.

  5. Athletes will not leave trash at track meet or practice areas.  All water bottles, water cups, food wrappers, etc. must be picked up before leaving.